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Jerome Clementz is one of the big world names in Enduro riding. In 2013 he won the inaugural Enduro World Series championship.

Michelin and Jerome are partners since January 2015.

“I'm delighted to be working with a big brand name synonymous with quality products and that are driven to develop new racing tires”.

Jerome is also one of the riders involved in helping develop the next generation of MTB tires soon to be released to  all riders worldwide.

MICHELIN Wild MUD: “For loose or muddy terrain, with its pre-cut block grips it offer us an unlimited choice to custom-engineer the ultimate weapon”.


Team XC BH SR-Suntour KMC

2012 Olympic Champion, back-to-back 2012–2013 World Champion, 2011 World Cup Winner, four-time French Champion 2010–2011–2012–2013.

“My favorite tire is the Wild Race’R Advanced Ultimate. There's nothing to beat it on dry terrain. It is comfortable yet fast and efficient assets that took me to win the 2013 World championships at Pietermaritzburg in South-Africa.”


His 10-time world downhill championship titles in 11 attempts makes Nicolas Vouilloz a living legend in MTB racing.

Nico and MICHELIN share a history that goes back to 1996 and encompassing IRC rally racing and a French rally championships win. Nico also does reconnaissance work for Sébastien OGIER, chiefly in his own back yard on the MONTE CARLO rally routes.

“If there is one partner I’ve stuck with since way back, it’s MICHELIN. I have won many world championship titles on bike and in rally car racing with MICHELIN”.


Team XC BH SR-Suntour KMC

10th overall in the 2014 World Cup general standings (2nd at Cairns, 3rd at Pietermaritzburg), 4th of the 2013 World Championships, 2011 and 2014 World and European Team Relay champion, 2012 and 2013 World and European Team Relay vice-champion. Winner of the 2014 Roc d’Azur marathon. Four-time back-to-back winner of the French Cup–2013/2012/2011/2010...

“Whatever discipline they’re involved in, when Michelin lines up to compete, you know it’s to win! So if, like me, you’re aiming for the perfect race, Michelin is your go-to partner.”


Karim Amour has been riding elite races in a career spanning over two decades. He ranks as an all-star French rider, with wins in disciplines ranging from downhill to dual, 4X and Enduro.

2014 was a banner season for Karim, who won a third European Enduro champion title as well as winning the prestigious Roc ENDURO event.


Rémy Absalon from France, is a specialist Enduro rider. His  track record counts 8 Mégavalanche wins, including “Réunion 2014”. In 2014 he stepped up to form his own team, sponsored by Michelin.

Rémy is testing and developing the next generation of MICHELIN MTB tires.

MICHELIN Wild Grip’R : “versatility meets performance in all conditions which is no easy feat”.

Pierre-Edouard FERRY

Pierre Edouard Ferry is a French freerider who ranks among the elite pack of MTB riders.

All year round, PEF spends time testing and developing the tire solutions that will ultimately get green-light approval from the PRO MICHELIN riders.

PEF is a huge fan of any kind of two-wheel competition (biking, motorbiking, Enduro), and is engaged in a host of film and video projects to keep bringing us high-adrenaline clips shot in sensational landscapes.

“On an event like Red Bull Rampage, I need a tire I can trust. Michelin tires deliver that trust, and can adapt to any terrain the race throws at you.”


Team XC BH SR-Suntour KMC

Winner of the 2014 U23 World Cup, 2014 U23 European and French Champion, 2014 U23 Vice-World Champion, Winner of the 2014 Roc d’Azur (scratch).

Michelin wild Race'R: “A fantastically versatile tire you know you can trust downhill and whatever the weather. The sidewall block grips give your great traction on steep and sharp uphill bursts”


Yannick is a freerider in a bracket of his own, specializing in hitting the most spectacular jumps. He is lining up for the FMB World Tour, with his sight set on the DIAMOND and GOLD series. Want to see someone hit a  92 feet long backflip on an MTB over snow or the Canal du Midi at over 25 feet from the ground? Yannick Granieri is your go-to!

“From downhill to dirtjump, I always ride with Michelin’s tires. I went to the head office in Clermont-Ferrand and met all the production team to develop a new dirtjump tire. As a French rider, it’s an honor to represent a huge brand like Michelin. Even back when I was a kid, I always thought this was the best brand out there.”


Team XC BH SR-Suntour KMC

3rd overall in the 2014 U23 World Cup general standings, 8th in the 2013 U23 World Championships, Winner of the 2013 U23 French Cup, 2011 World Junior Champion.

“The Michelin Wild Race’R Advanced Ultimate is the tire that suits me best lightweight but dependably rugged. I use it practically year round on the stony singletrack lines of southern France”.

Adelheid MORATH

Team XC BH SR-Suntour KMC

2014 Champion of Germany, 16th overall in the 2014 World Cup general standings, 16th in the 2012 London Olympics, 18th in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 12th in the 2012 World Championships in Saalfelden.

Michelin Race´R Ultimate advanced: “Ideal for fast, dry, packed ground, delivering optimal efficiency when you accelerate hard”


Team XC BH SR-Suntour KMC

Winner of the 2014 Roc d’Azur marathon, 2nd overall in the World UCI marathon standings (start of the 2015 season), 10th in the 2012 World Marathon Championships, five-time French Marathon Champion 2011–2010–2008–2007–2006.

“The Michelin Wild Race’R is the tire I use all year round, on every terrain and in practically any weather. With the Wild Race’R, pre-race tire fitment is no longer an issue”.


Adrien is an exciting new Enduro prospect riding with the team in 2015 under the expert guidance of hugely experienced team leader Nico VOUILLOZ.

Adrien has already won the first two rounds of the EWS in the U21 category and came in second in the third round.


Elliot is a squad rider (while continuing his studies) on the team at the EWS championships under the expert leadership of Remy ABSALON.

In the U21 category, he signed an eye-catching second place in IRELAND on the only EWS leg he started.

Like Adrien Dailly, Elliot counts among the star prospects of a bright new generation of riders coming through the ranks.

Dimitri TORDO

Dimitri is part of the new young generation of Enduro riders breaking onto the world tour circuit. He is on Karim AMOUR’s team BH GRAVITY riding his first season with the big guys on the EWS tour.


Winner of the Swatch Prime Line in 2014, Louis is one of the best French freeriders out there.


Team XC BH SR-Suntour KMC

Winner of the 2014 French Cup (scratch), 7th overall in the 2014 U23 World Cup general standings (with a 2nd at Pietermaritzburg), 4th in the 2012 Junior World Championships.


Counting among the rare few female riders on the world EWS enduro tour, she is also a valuable ally to Jérôme, including on PR for TEAM 31 CLEMENTZ.




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